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Your Business Personality: Rediscovering Your Small Business Passion

BooHoo[1] A great deal of information is written about choosing the right business, knowing your passion, developing the right business plan–before jumping feet first into starting up.

But how do you know you are going to be fulfilled, motivated and passionate–wahoo!– about all the activities of a business before you actually do it.  I sure didn’t.

The Evolutionary Business Plan
As I  developed my small business, I  found my “self” developing.  So, I  allowed my business plan to remain very much alive,  to evolve as I began to better understand my own small business personality. If I had not followed this plan of action, I would have considered myself a failure and dropped into that 70%.  Here’s what happened.

Uh, oh. The thrill is gone
You see, I had begun as an excited freelance writer, yet came to dread the  time I spent alone with my computer–with myself, with my phone, with the laundry. Which led to thoughts of Failure. Incompetence. Self-doubt.

Uh oh.  My Passion took a big nosedive. Now what? Send out resumes?

The Darwinian business plan to the rescue
Rather than quitting, I  added coaching services. These services provide the interaction I need to keep me motivated. And I was good at coaching. I immediately received great feedback! Passion reignited. Laundry ignored. I’m planning workshops based on the feedback I’m receiving and I also plan to teach.

It’s alive, just like you
 My lesson learned:  view your business as a living entity. And you will gently get to know yourself. And keep your passion alive.