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How to Write a Better Business email

Make business emails short, concise, clear and compelling. Pay attention to the following areas:


  • Create a meaningful subject line.
  • Make your purpose immediately clear using the first sentence. For instance,  “ I have included information on  . . .”
  • Front-load your first paragraph. Place all priority information in the first paragraph.
  • Tone: Communicate in a compatible tone. Does this client prefer off-the-cuff or formal interaction?


  • Engage with sentences: Use active rather than passive voice.  Use strong nouns preceding strong verbs.
  • Vary sentence length: Vary length, but shorter sentences are better than long ones. Don’t write any sentence that must be reread for meaning.
  • Keep flashy vocabulary tucked away. No one wants to grab a dictionary when reading an email.
  • Review: Spell check – please. Read it aloud; you will catch errors.


  • Brevity is key: The longer your email is, the more likely it is to be deleted.
  • CC with moderation: Only cc parties directly involved.
  • Include your signature. Your signature should include your contact, and any other relevant information. Spotlight your services.

More Clients in Fifteen Minutes a Day

 What if fifteen minutes a day stood between you and more clients? There is such time pressure on a small businesses that it is easy to become quickly out of touch with client needs.  I realized that a website with no interactive content, no way to give me feedback, is very much like a locked door on a brick and mortar store.  If my clients are standing outside waiting to get in , I better open the door.

Open the Door
If I  took fifteen minutes every day to open up the door and  chat with them, invite them in for coffee, so to speak, what changes would I make to the services or products I offer?

Requesting Feedback for 15-minutes Each  Day

I can use Facebook,  blog feedback, and email to solicit input  for 15 minutes each day. My clients know what they want; I can imagine, they can tell me. They will suggest improvements for my services. As the communication landscape changes, this is essential for my business.

What would you want from a communications service?