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How to Use a Marketing Calendar to Feed Your Business

Your Marketing Calendar Needs Dessert

Use a Nutritious Marketing Calendar
But Don’t Forget Dessert

Do your business profits swing from feast to famine?

Like creating a  daily menu filled with foods you love, create your daily marketing calendar to feed you and your business year round. A good nutritional plan maps out healthy food choices; a good marketing calendar maps out healthy business activities. Your marketing calendar should include a mix  just like you would include a number of healthy foods on a menu; greens, protein, grains: follow-up calls, social media, networking.

Don’t forget dessert
But like a diet that includes only carrots and lettuce leaves, your marketing calendar and plan won’t work at all if it is boring and repetitive, so don’t forget dessert! By regularly including marketing activities you truly enjoy, you will be much more likely to stick to the plan. Continue reading

How to Write a Better Business email

Make business emails short, concise, clear and compelling. Pay attention to the following areas:


  • Create a meaningful subject line.
  • Make your purpose immediately clear using the first sentence. For instance,  “ I have included information on  . . .”
  • Front-load your first paragraph. Place all priority information in the first paragraph.
  • Tone: Communicate in a compatible tone. Does this client prefer off-the-cuff or formal interaction?


  • Engage with sentences: Use active rather than passive voice.  Use strong nouns preceding strong verbs.
  • Vary sentence length: Vary length, but shorter sentences are better than long ones. Don’t write any sentence that must be reread for meaning.
  • Keep flashy vocabulary tucked away. No one wants to grab a dictionary when reading an email.
  • Review: Spell check – please. Read it aloud; you will catch errors.


  • Brevity is key: The longer your email is, the more likely it is to be deleted.
  • CC with moderation: Only cc parties directly involved.
  • Include your signature. Your signature should include your contact, and any other relevant information. Spotlight your services.

More Clients in Fifteen Minutes a Day

 What if fifteen minutes a day stood between you and more clients? There is such time pressure on a small businesses that it is easy to become quickly out of touch with client needs.  I realized that a website with no interactive content, no way to give me feedback, is very much like a locked door on a brick and mortar store.  If my clients are standing outside waiting to get in , I better open the door.

Open the Door
If I  took fifteen minutes every day to open up the door and  chat with them, invite them in for coffee, so to speak, what changes would I make to the services or products I offer?

Requesting Feedback for 15-minutes Each  Day

I can use Facebook,  blog feedback, and email to solicit input  for 15 minutes each day. My clients know what they want; I can imagine, they can tell me. They will suggest improvements for my services. As the communication landscape changes, this is essential for my business.

What would you want from a communications service?