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How to Use a Marketing Calendar to Feed Your Business

Your Marketing Calendar Needs Dessert

Use a Nutritious Marketing Calendar
But Don’t Forget Dessert

Do your business profits swing from feast to famine?

Like creating a  daily menu filled with foods you love, create your daily marketing calendar to feed you and your business year round. A good nutritional plan maps out healthy food choices; a good marketing calendar maps out healthy business activities. Your marketing calendar should include a mix  just like you would include a number of healthy foods on a menu; greens, protein, grains: follow-up calls, social media, networking.

Don’t forget dessert
But like a diet that includes only carrots and lettuce leaves, your marketing calendar and plan won’t work at all if it is boring and repetitive, so don’t forget dessert! By regularly including marketing activities you truly enjoy, you will be much more likely to stick to the plan. Continue reading