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Inc. Magazine Tips: How to Write an Employee Moral Proposal

To write an excellent employee moral building program, do specific research

Inc. Magazine outlines simple tips for improving morale of your employees. If you are charged with writing a proposal or morale-boosting program for your team, Inc. provides great basic research and tips on what most employees value. Read the full article in the link at the end of this post.

However, I suggest going further. Consider doing background research on morale-building programs focused on your industry.  You can then include this information in your the executive summary to support the specifics of your proposal.

In general,  most employees need on-the-job recognition, says Inc. They need to know they are valued. Listen to their input, acknowledge anniversaries and birthdays.  And get to know your employees. If you have employees who are upbeat and already have great employee morale, they will spread a good vibe. Spread it around. Put them in projects and situations so their positive attitude becomes contagious. Read the entire article here.

But don’t forget to look further. Dig deeper to find research for morale-building program techniques that work best in your company culture.