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Healthcare Email: Like the old-fashioned house call

house callsYour patients want to know and trust you

Ask patients and wellness clients and they will let you know they what they want.

They want to know and trust their healthcare providers personally.

For that reason, healthcare providers are turning to healthcare email marketing to acquire new patients and clients, either directly or through referrals. Like the old-fashioned house call, you, the healthcare provider periodically drops in. You can include in each email a bio or personal update. This personalizes your email “house call.”

Reach your community with healthcare emails

You can reach patients directly and use email to reach the healthcare community.

Patients, clients, and colleagues know that you are well-informed as the field rapidly changes. And that you care enough to keep them informed as well. Sending an information update on the latest methods for treating ailments, medical conditions, and diseases, or on the latest insurance changes, builds personal connections.

You have created a conversation, and today’s healthcare marketing is about conversation.

Reach distinct market segments

Healthcare email marketing is also cost-effective method of communicating with distinct audiences. You will communicate in a relevant way to each group. You may choose to send one set of articles via email update to patients and clients, another to colleagues.

For example, doctors, medical personnel, and wellness businesses can use healthcare email to promote themselves and their services by sending a “we-care” bulletin to patients. In addition, they can send important health advisories, news, information and alerts to other healthcare providers and colleagues.

Healthcare email marketing benefits:

  • Enables faster, better communication
  • Can reach market segments and audiences
  • Relevant and personalized content
  • Can be automated
  • Helps drive web traffic to your  website
  • Relationship builder
  • Less costly than traditional advertising media
  • Easier to collect data and track customer information
  • Increased exposure, no geographic boundary

How does your practice use healthcare email? Do you have concerns about using this type of marketing?

Want to learn more? Read more from the expert on healthcare and social media. The  Mayo Clinic holds trainings, webinars and offers memberships.