Press Releases: Use your content again and again . . .

Consider using your press releases content over time as part of an ongoing strategy:

  • in an email marketing blast,
  •  on a website press page,
  •  as a post to your FB page,
  • if they aren’t time sensitive, by distributing them periodically to other prospective press sites as you find them,
  •  by giving or emailing them to new prospects.
  • The  content can also be rewritten as a downloadable report that can be accessed from your website as a sales tool or to expand your mailing list.

For example, I recently wrote a press release for a muralist. Some of the content referred to scientific reports and studies.  This  content can easily be rewritten as follows:  ‘Bringing the Outside In – Using a Mural to Open Up a Small Room,’ or ‘Bringing the Outside In –  Using a Mural to Feel Less Stressed.’  This report download can be available free on her site or available to readers  if they add themselves to her mailing list.

When readers download the information, her logo and contact information make the rounds on the internet with it. This results in additional leads and higher visibility for her. It’s  free PR. If this content is well written, it will encourage the press to  contact her for future articles when they need an expert on the topics in these reports.

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