Siyan Clinical

Provide marketing copy to assist in launch of new medical practice

Target Audience:  San Francisco Bay Area legal, medical, and patient communities
Goal: Develop 1) marketing tagline, and 2)  introduction letter for  M.D.
Challenges: Gain understanding practice, of target market segmentation and demographics. Retain style, tone of physician.
Solutions: Marketing letter – In this case, I edited for linear structure, sentence structure, and clarity.   I then provided a clear and welcoming “call to action” at the close of the letter.

Tagline – Research multiple healthcare taglines. Provide rewrites until physician felt unique tagline captured his brand and would reach his target market.

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Napa State Hospital Portfolio 2

Medical Director of major health care facility has immediate need for employee morale building program proposal. Ten-day deadline with minimal prewritten content.

Target Audience: Physicians, staff, government review board
Goal: Develop a proposal for improving employee morale
Challenges: The administration did not have a motivational program for its staff  in place and the facility had just undergone a significant crisis. These circumstances suggested a need for the for staff at all levels to be included in the proposal development process. This inclusion would help them regain a sense of control and prompt engagement in the morale-building program.  Their organizational culture called for structured proposal written in outline form rather than a narrative. The Medical Director requested that the proposal include quantitative and qualitative measurement tools, budget, timeline, and outcome measurement tools. Each tool included in the proposal had to be researched and that research documented.
Solutions:  The majority of  solutions involved in-depth research.
1) Create a staff oversight committee to review the proposal elements, suggest changes, and become the administrators for the program. 2) Research existing health care facility morale building programs to establish a format — there were very few models. 3) Research best practices for data gathering: quantitative and qualitative  online measurement tools to collect anonymous staff feedback. 4) Write and refine proposal in outline form. 5) Discuss and refine budget and staffing needs. 6) Include a meeting facilitator  to work with administrative committee as needed to facilitate the process.

Working closely with Medical Director, we crafted the proposal, timeline, and budget within the 10-day deadline. Marcy Orendorff Communications provided all research services.

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AOL. com article series introduces Industrial Park retailers to surrounding community

Target Audience: East San Francisco Bay Area
Goal: Gain visibility for manufacturers, services, wholesalers, and retailers in the Benicia Industrial Park and downtown area. Support these articles with related general interest stories.
Challenge: Promote Industrial Park shopping opportunities. These areas of the city have little foot traffic or street visibility. Provide news coverage on downtown shopping and services.
Solution: Contact, interview and photograph owners, employees, and customers. Publish 40 informative articles and interviews introducing these businesses and highlighting the benefits of shopping in the nearby Industrial Park. Write related feature articles and news updates on downtown merchants.

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Successful PR project results in TV, regional traditional print and online coverage over a three month period

Target Audience: Local and regional traditional and online media: television, print, online
Goal: Gain press coverage for San Francisco Bay Area music store and academy
Challenge: Communicate the story of ABC’s ongoing community activism through a feature press release. Engage reporters at local, regional, and major Bay Area news outlets. Communicate, through documented research, the necessity and impact of music education.
Solution: To craft the release: conduct in-depth interviews with owners. Photograph owners,  music instructors, music classes, and students of the Academy. Research, compile and document positive results of music education from credible sources. Integrate information to write engaging feature story. Distribute to targeted media list. Follow-up. Schedule interviews.

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guitars not guns logo

Serve as Grants Director for  San Francisco Bay Area arm of international nonprofit. Surpassed annual funding goals. 

Target Audience: Foundations, like nonprofits, service organizations, corporations
Goal: Develop relationships with stakeholders and funders to promote in-kind and financial donations; work with like nonprofits on partnerships.
Challenge: This grassroots organization was entirely staffed by volunteers. Grant seeking was not structured.
Solution: Research and write a set of master correspondence and a master grant so that verbiage could be used to fulfill multiple document requests.

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Center for Health Design Logo copy

Team with CHD on research and writing beta certification test

Target Audience: Architects, corporate health care administrators
Goal: Work with CHD to develop evidence-based design certification test for teams of designers, architects and health care administrators.
Challenge: Distill 100+ pieces of information from research document to support test outline and meet learning objectives. Review beta test questions.
Solution: Interview CHD team to gain in-depth understanding  learning objectives  for test-taking groups.  Review research document, select, and submit data for review.

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