Pro Bono and Discounted Services


An essential part of Marcy Orendorff’s career, nonprofit work has been a passion.  The following services are provided  pro bono or at a discounted rate to nonprofits or  organizations with a mission of social responsibility:

grant review, document review, editing services, speeches, presentations, articles and blogs.

Her volunteer and paid experience includes public relations, project coordination, administrative work and grantwriting. She has successfully raised thousands of dollars for  the nonprofit community. She as acted  as Director of Grants for Guitars not Guns, Contra Costa County.

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SHOULD WE HIRE A GRANTWRITER or PR CONSULTANT? What are the pros and cons?

To write a successful grant, one must identify potential funders, compile and synthesize data supporting  the organizational mission, goals and objectives. Your staff understands the mission and the organization, something a consultant does not.

However, when it comes to writing a proposal,  each application must be meticulously written to funder requirements. Your grantwriter must interact with  team and partners to develop supporting documentation and be comfortable assisting in development of budget strategy. You grantwriter also must engage in development of evaluation process and keep in contact with grant-making organizations to develop ongoing working relationships.  After consideration of your organizational resources, you may wish to do all or some of these tasks, and outsource others.

To gain PR and the attention of the press, one must first understand the news values the press uses when choosing stories to run. Weaving your mission within these values gains the attention of the press.  Your organization will benefit by increased recognition and the gain of new donors.

Nonprofits Served:

Solano County Arts Council: Project Director

Center for Health Design: Research

Arts Benicia: PR Director, Open Studios

Guitars not Guns: Director of Grants

STAND Against Domestic Violence — Art Series: House of the Broken Hearts