Medical Practice Launch

KolorBox Media not only gains a thorough understanding of your target market and  business objectives, we provide the specialized writing and editing services you need. One area of specialization is in writing and editing for non-native English speakers.  This letter of introduction was both copyedited and rewritten as a marketing piece. It showcases the expertise of the physician and highlights the benefits of choosing his practice.

Siyan Clinical

Anish Shah, M.D.

February 3, 2013

Dear Dr. Lyons :

Allow me to introduce myself, Dr. Anish Shah, and the services of Siyan Clinical Corporation. Our goal is to partner with you to provide the best psychiatric evaluations for your clients.

As newly appointed Director at Siyan Clinical and former Medical Director and Senior Supervising Psychiatrist at Napa State  Hospital,  I possess an extensive background in forensic report writing, court testimony, and disability evaluations. I have become a trusted resource for the psychiatric community. I would like to extend that in-depth expertise to you, as well.

 Siyan Clinical Corporation Services

Worker’s Compensation Qualified Medical Evaluations
To assist lawyers, medical professionals, insurance companies, employers, and individual claimants involved in the California Workers’ Compensation system, Siyan provides comprehensive, unbiased forensic psychiatric services. Our knowledge base includes: state-of-the-art evaluative techniques, current labor codes, and case laws; AOE/COE (Arising out of Employment/Occurring in the Course of Employment), including the nuances of determining permanent impairment and analysis of apportionment.

The reports we deliver are clear, relatable, and timely, based upon my broad experience and expertise in Qualified Medical Examinations (QME), Agreed Medical Examinations (AME), Independent Medical Evaluations (IME), and Treatment Evaluations. During the evaluation process, we document opinions and ratings with evidence based on behavioral and objective sources. This objective approach, I have found, is particularly helpful to all parties, effectively reducing the number of depositions required.

Social Security Disability Evaluation Services
We are familiar as well with the medical and legal issues specific to disability claims. To meet the growing needs of this marketplace, our practice includes both case/peer and utilization review services. Individual reports are based on a series of comprehensive diagnostic interviews, developing a complete evaluation of the claimant’s medical, personal, and occupational history. We also provide IME services with evidence-based determinations on an employee’s ability to return to work for both STD & LTD carriers and FMLA administrators.

We determine an accurate and fair-minded assessment of appropriate treatment and medical necessity.

Schedule New Patient Evaluations
To schedule new patient evaluations at your convenience, please contact our office at any time.  Reach me directly by phone at 707-206-7268, fax 707-206-7254, or email,


Anish Shah, M.D, QME