Gallery Owner’s Murals Get Glossy Press

Press Release PowerArt gallery owner, fine artist, and muralist Mernie Buchanan’s  feature press release brought her online and traditional coverage–front page coverage in the Fairfield Daily Republic feature section and beautiful glossy photos in Benicia Magazine. In addition, she was featured online in both publications. Congratulations Mernie! Next, we are planning on strategies to place her beutiful work in both Diablo and Sunset magazines.

How Mernie uses one press release to get MORE publicity:

The content from these press releases can be used at least 5 ways to extend coverage:

1. Mernie used the publicity links on her FaceBook Page so that her fans and clients would be updated on her current mural work.

2. She can use them in her future email marketing as well.

3. We will be using these links to send to additional publications as we seek additional coverage.

4. The quotes secured for the initial press releases serve as wonderful testimonials for Mernie’s marketing.  She can use them on her home web page and in her traditional marketing materials.

5. Finally, on Mernie’s website press page, the press will know that Mernie is a go-to expert in the field of murals.  They can contact her as a resource. When they quote her as an expert, Mernie receives additional publicity.

View Mernie’s  publicity coverage: