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Writing an Online Article to Inform & Entertain: Humor helps recall

Your clients want informative and educational blog posts and articles. Some information can be unpleasant or complex. Throw in some humor to make it more palatable and easier to recall. Here’s an example which throws out some difficult to digest information about the foods we eat.

The Wellness Chronicles:  I’m Scared In the Supermarket! 


Are you overwhelmed by food choices? I am.  According to the USDA, 19,047 new food products hit the grocery shelves in 2009.  And more have arrived every year. With so many options, how can we still choose foods wisely?

Lost in the grocery store jungle

As thunder rumbles from the produce section, I enter the supermarket feeling like a jungle explorer surrounded by strange and exotic species.

I plunge bravely with my wobbly-wheeled cart down the first aisle.

Brazen boxes and bags of highly processed foodstuffs promise, ” Hey there, I’m the new and improved miracle food. I’m organic, high-fiber, low-salt, all-natural — I taste great, make you skinny, get you healthy!”

I turn my cart, dodging fellow brave explorers; they’re on cell phones seeking moral support from base camp.

I weave through the towering displays. Oh, the tons of packaging, the overwhelm of sensory input, the humanity!  What kind of food is actually in these packages? Is it nutritious? Is it even food?

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Quality Web Content: Which Sites Need It and How to Create It

quality web content and how to create it

If you determine your site needs quality web content, my plumbing buddy and some term paper tips can help you create it.

First, does your website need quality web content?

The simple answer is yes if you want to use that content as a marketing tool. Otherwise, take a step back and ask yourself why you are spending valuable time and money adding to your site – an ROI issue I’ll address in a later post.

So the short answer is, if you are writing content, be sure it’s well conceived and written.

Now for the good news, or bad news if you hated high school English: writing quality web content is simple if you recall a few basics about writing high school term papers. And  you don’t mind the twist of  two instructors “grading” your papers. Because both your clients and Google have expectations.

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Inc. Magazine Tips: How to Write an Employee Moral Proposal

To write an excellent employee moral building program, do specific research

Inc. Magazine outlines simple tips for improving morale of your employees. If you are charged with writing a proposal or morale-boosting program for your team, Inc. provides great basic research and tips on what most employees value. Read the full article in the link at the end of this post.

However, I suggest going further. Consider doing background research on morale-building programs focused on your industry.  You can then include this information in your the executive summary to support the specifics of your proposal.

In general,  most employees need on-the-job recognition, says Inc. They need to know they are valued. Listen to their input, acknowledge anniversaries and birthdays.  And get to know your employees. If you have employees who are upbeat and already have great employee morale, they will spread a good vibe. Spread it around. Put them in projects and situations so their positive attitude becomes contagious. Read the entire article here.

But don’t forget to look further. Dig deeper to find research for morale-building program techniques that work best in your company culture.