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Inc. Magazine Tips: How to Write an Employee Moral Proposal

To write an excellent employee moral building program, do specific research

Inc. Magazine outlines simple tips for improving morale of your employees. If you are charged with writing a proposal or morale-boosting program for your team, Inc. provides great basic research and tips on what most employees value. Read the full article in the link at the end of this post.

However, I suggest going further. Consider doing background research on morale-building programs focused on your industry.  You can then include this information in your the executive summary to support the specifics of your proposal.

In general,  most employees need on-the-job recognition, says Inc. They need to know they are valued. Listen to their input, acknowledge anniversaries and birthdays.  And get to know your employees. If you have employees who are upbeat and already have great employee morale, they will spread a good vibe. Spread it around. Put them in projects and situations so their positive attitude becomes contagious. Read the entire article here.

But don’t forget to look further. Dig deeper to find research for morale-building program techniques that work best in your company culture.

What I Learned From A Three-Legged Dog About Talking to Myself


An “aha” moment can arrive at any time.

At the park, I watched a three-legged dog lurch full-speed after a tossed ball. Was he worrying about that lost leg? Nope!

What was his secret?

We were both in the park soaking up the sun.  But this dog was breathtakingly alive in the present.  I was ignoring the beauty around me worrying about family and business stuff. He was sniffing the wind, readying ready for the chase on his three good legs. I was mulling over problems.

Could I learn something here? Yes, say the experts.  Enjoy the present especially when times are tough. Become self aware and stay self-motivating. Here’s how:

  • Be aware of self –talk: Studies show we mentally loop negative thoughts–without knowing it. What you are saying to yourself at this very moment? Are you telling yourself you are worried or unhappy? That you can’t do what you set out to do?  Try changing the thought.
  • Notice your body: Are you warm, cold? Comfortable? A comfortable body is a less-stressed body. Take the time to take care of your body.
  • Stay aware of your emotions: Play name that feeling. Are you happy, distracted?  Negative emotions and thoughts can be interrupted by simply moving. Or laughing. Watch a funny movie. Better yet, call a funny friend and watch the funny movie with him.
  • Chase your ball, change your thought. The dog loves to chase balls on three legs–as he did on four. Name three simple actions that make you happy. Do one today. It’s tough to be happy and miserable at the same time. Now try creating and concentrating on positive thoughts.

Like the dog you can find joy in the present moment.  Tell yourself over and over that you can accomplish what you want to do! No matter your circumstances.

What do you do to change negative thoughts to positive? How do you stay motivated?

Your Business Personality: Rediscovering Your Small Business Passion

BooHoo[1] A great deal of information is written about choosing the right business, knowing your passion, developing the right business plan–before jumping feet first into starting up.

But how do you know you are going to be fulfilled, motivated and passionate–wahoo!– about all the activities of a business before you actually do it.  I sure didn’t.

The Evolutionary Business Plan
As I  developed my small business, I  found my “self” developing.  So, I  allowed my business plan to remain very much alive,  to evolve as I began to better understand my own small business personality. If I had not followed this plan of action, I would have considered myself a failure and dropped into that 70%.  Here’s what happened.

Uh, oh. The thrill is gone
You see, I had begun as an excited freelance writer, yet came to dread the  time I spent alone with my computer–with myself, with my phone, with the laundry. Which led to thoughts of Failure. Incompetence. Self-doubt.

Uh oh.  My Passion took a big nosedive. Now what? Send out resumes?

The Darwinian business plan to the rescue
Rather than quitting, I  added coaching services. These services provide the interaction I need to keep me motivated. And I was good at coaching. I immediately received great feedback! Passion reignited. Laundry ignored. I’m planning workshops based on the feedback I’m receiving and I also plan to teach.

It’s alive, just like you
 My lesson learned:  view your business as a living entity. And you will gently get to know yourself. And keep your passion alive.