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Healthcare Email: Like the old-fashioned house call

house callsYour patients want to know and trust you

Ask patients and wellness clients and they will let you know they what they want.

They want to know and trust their healthcare providers personally.

For that reason, healthcare providers are turning to healthcare email marketing to acquire new patients and clients, either directly or through referrals. Like the old-fashioned house call, you, the healthcare provider periodically drops in. You can include in each email a bio or personal update. This personalizes your email “house call.”

Reach your community with healthcare emails

You can reach patients directly and use email to reach the healthcare community.

Patients, clients, and colleagues know that you are well-informed as the field rapidly changes. And that you care enough to keep them informed as well. Sending an information update on the latest methods for treating ailments, medical conditions, and diseases, or on the latest insurance changes, builds personal connections.

You have created a conversation, and today’s healthcare marketing is about conversation.

Reach distinct market segments

Healthcare email marketing is also cost-effective method of communicating with distinct audiences. You will communicate in a relevant way to each group. You may choose to send one set of articles via email update to patients and clients, another to colleagues.

For example, doctors, medical personnel, and wellness businesses can use healthcare email to promote themselves and their services by sending a “we-care” bulletin to patients. In addition, they can send important health advisories, news, information and alerts to other healthcare providers and colleagues.

Healthcare email marketing benefits:

  • Enables faster, better communication
  • Can reach market segments and audiences
  • Relevant and personalized content
  • Can be automated
  • Helps drive web traffic to your  website
  • Relationship builder
  • Less costly than traditional advertising media
  • Easier to collect data and track customer information
  • Increased exposure, no geographic boundary

How does your practice use healthcare email? Do you have concerns about using this type of marketing?

Want to learn more? Read more from the expert on healthcare and social media. The  Mayo Clinic holds trainings, webinars and offers memberships.



How to write a great bio: It’s your time to shine

youWhat does a Great Bio Do?
It says: Here’s what I do.
Trust Me.

A bio must work hard for you in a few well-written sentences, and it can be a great workhorse in letting people know who you are and what you do. A great bio is the beginning of the trust-building process.

First things first. Don’t forget to be honest. But don’t be afraid to showcase accomplishments.  Now let’s get going.

How to Get Started on Your Bio

To get started, let’s consider the elements:

  • One-sentence summary of who you are and what you do for your clients. This is the great beginning. Promise just what you can do but don’t be shy.  One formula you can use is, (YOUR NAME) is a (OCCUPATION) who helps (TARGET CLIENTS) to (RESULTS THAT YOU GET FOR YOUR CLIENTS).

For example:

Paula Jones  is a public relations and media a consultant who helps non-profits find qualified donors through publicity and exposure in traditional and social media.

The Great Bio: Take Time to Analyze Why You’re Special and What You’ve Done

  • Qualifications.  Back  it up with your qualifications. Mention your experience, education and other specialized training.
  • Notable Clients. If you’ve done work for Fortune 500 companies, celebrities or influential people, don’t forget to include them in your bio (ask for permission first).
  • Achievements. Mention awards and achievements! Remember, you’re telling the reader why they should care about you and why they should believe you.
  • Uniqueness. How are you different from you competitors? If you have a distinct niche, service, or just a fascinating approach that makes you unique, let the readers know.
  • Services. Are you for hire?! Mention the top services you offer.
  • Affiliations. Let readers know your connections. List  blogs, magazines or journals you write for. If you create other forms of content, such as podcasts or Internet radio shows,      include them here. Include professional groups and memberships
  • Testimonials. Weave in a couple of positive testimonials in your bio. Don’t be overblown.  A  testimonial that  is objective is ideal.
  • Photo. People want to see what you look  like, so include a nice photo. Please smile. I know we profess not to be judgmental, but to be honest, we judge on looks.
  • Call to Action. End your bio with a call to action. That’s why you wrote it. Definitely, let potential clients know if you have a promotion running and how to contact  you.

The Long and Short of Writing a Great Bio

Some bios must be short, others long; some may require a more casual tone. You may want to write several and keep them on file.

For additional help, take a look at some sample bios of those working in your industry, and use those as a template.

But, make sure and get started.  Having a great bio is like having a great handshake; it is an essential introduction and makes others glad they found you.

Why Use A Freelance Writer

Why you need a freelance writerWhy do you need a freelance writer?

“We need to communicate better.”

How many times have you heard that one?   And the more important question comes next:

“What are we doing about it?”

Your words and messages are fuel for your business.  Your words inform, sell, motivate and help you grow.  They attract your customers’ attention and set you apart from the crowd.

A freelance writer doesn’t just craft ad copy and marketing

It’s not only advertising and marketing – or press releases and blogs.  Professional writing is needed in everything a business does.  Communications with employees, distributors, suppliers and donors is just as important as your messages to customers.  High quality writing conveys your core values of quality, service and professional behavior.

Using a freelance writer delivers this quality to you and your stakeholders.  Your messages will be effective, efficient, and on-strategy.

And, really, do you want to be writing and editing? Or something else . . .

And while your freelancer is at work, your focus stays where it needs to be:  On your business.

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