Why Research Will Generate New Clients

Why Research Will Generate New Clients

Lightning Fast!  That’s how quickly information is generated in today’s world. It is overwhelming at times.

More Sophisticated Clients Mean . . . 

They expect you to offer the latest information about your products. They are on the internet searching for prices, comparing products.  And, they will ask you about that new doohickey!   Spending a few minutes every day researching changes in your service or product is essential.  I’m understanding I cannot know everything about every new change in the field, but if I can direct my clients to the right places, they appreciate that service.  When they need me, they know I’m be there to do my best for them.

How to Find Time, Research

I’m subscribing to  interest groups so I can browse a few minutes a day and save links for my clients.  If you have a  a staff member to take on the task, this would be a great help.  You can pass new information on to your customers monthly in your newsletter or on your website. Better yet, provide them with a  whitepaper or guide updating the lastest and gratest! Your customers will value up-to-date information. They want an expert in the field, your field.  Let it be you.

Coming Soon: Why Your Website Needs a Whitepaper

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