Customers Notice if You Ride Your Own Horse

As an art instructor who worked with children, I often heard the lament: “But my horse drawing doesn’t look like his horse drawing. It doesn’t even look like a horse!”  Then the crayoned paper was crumpled, thrown to the floor, and I watched a young face scrunch in agony. So I asked the group if they were to visit an art gallery and the works of art were all the same, would they enjoy it? I am met with a with  thoughtful silence.

Create A Unique Horse

It’s tough to create a marketing image that breaks from the pack.  But it is the difference that  creates an image in your customers’ mind. I try asking myself, what is in my heart?Why am I doing what I do?

Every communication is:

  • your image
  • an ongoing conversation and relationship
  • your connection.
    Unfortunately, customers associate weak communications with a weak products. So I’m trying to take time to stress my values in my client communications.  I care about my clients’ success and want them to know.

Simple Works : Take it from Apple

 I notice that Apple’s ads have a lot of white space in them and we all know Steve Jobs was a pretty smart guy, huh?  It shifts the focus onto the product that they are sharing and on to their words. There are no distractions and it makes it easy to connect with their key message.

Visuals Matter
The web has changed PR and marketing.  Visuals matter. Photographs, video.  Clients want to seeyour product or service.  Never underestimate the power of an image. They don’t say a picture is worth a thousand words for nothing.

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