Your Website: A Carnival of Confusion No More

Your Website:  A Carnival of Confusion No More

Are your readers roaming a blinking carnival of buttons, ads, graphics, words? Research shows that design is as important as content. 

If yours evokes a carnival atmosphere,  try a simple edit.  

  • Don’t need it? Delete it.
  • Use headlines/subheads on pages with text.
  • Use bullets.
  •  Discern your main message, support with three subpoints, summarize.
  • Links losing your readers in the internet forest? Make sure they can return to a previous page.
  • Graphics overload? Study clearly organized sites, or seek design assistance.

In Summary

” . . . eliminate the unnecessary so the necessary may speak.”-Hans Hoffman

For a wonderful way to learn and network, I’m participating in the 2011 WordCount Blogathon for freelance writers.-Marcy

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