How to Use a Marketing Calendar to Feed Your Business

Your Marketing Calendar Needs Dessert

Use a Nutritious Marketing Calendar
But Don’t Forget Dessert

Do your business profits swing from feast to famine?

Like creating a  daily menu filled with foods you love, create your daily marketing calendar to feed you and your business year round. A good nutritional plan maps out healthy food choices; a good marketing calendar maps out healthy business activities. Your marketing calendar should include a mix  just like you would include a number of healthy foods on a menu; greens, protein, grains: follow-up calls, social media, networking.

Don’t forget dessert
But like a diet that includes only carrots and lettuce leaves, your marketing calendar and plan won’t work at all if it is boring and repetitive, so don’t forget dessert! By regularly including marketing activities you truly enjoy, you will be much more likely to stick to the plan.

So, have fun and learn to excel at the marketing you love. If you enjoy meeting people and speaking with them about your business, do it frequently; if you are a writer, write. If you are into social media, learn how to use it to reach your customers so it works for you. Like a food menu, your marketing plan only works if you work it.

Nuts, eggs, and ice cream. Chart the results.
Again, like healthy menu planning, your marketing calendar will work best if it is specific, spelling out individual promotions,events and activities. Name and date  them: follow-up calls, meetings, advertising and so on. Most importantly, include the marketing cost for each and the results that came from them; you will see at a glance which events and strategies were productive. This will aid you in future planning.

Your business will pump iron
A good eating plan typically stimulates the creation of results leading to new healthy goals like improved physical fitness or weight loss. Your marketing calendar may reveal other good sources of investment and value for your marketing and business. Or, in other words, one good result leads to another.

For example, you may notice from a marketing calendar review that a certain service or product has become more profitable due to your participation in a local charitable event. Like forgoing that coffee in the afternoon helped you sleep better. Now that you know what works, you can use that strategy any time.

Start today for a healthy business tomorrow
But first, of course, first you have to begin. You can create a sample marketing calendar like the one here  by inserting a table in Word. Remember to be flexible when creating your calendar. There is no right or wrong way. Like a healthy diet, it’s really about what works for you–and sticking to the plan. The purpose of your marketing calendar is to create a plan and to track what works. You’ll be on your way to creating a healthy business.

To further define your calendar, check out these suggestions at 365 Days of Marketing . Learn to make your choices bold, seductive, focused, and systematic.

How do you use your marketing calendar to keep your biz healthy?

Sample Marketing Calendar
Month/Year _________

Event/Activity Cost Comments Date Result

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