Free Business Listing Sites: Top Ten for 2011

After interviewing a number of small local businesses, I learned that some were quite successful at gaining many new customers via the internet. How are these folks getting found? 

Free and low-cost business listing sites
Many are taking advantage of free and low-cost business listing sites. The popularity of top sites change, so reviewing them every six months to see which are being used most frequently is a good idea. The top ten for 2011, according to my research, are listed below. 

Take your time to write a professional  listing
Business listings that grab customers are those that are clear and well written. While it may take some time to navigate and update your listing on each one, writing one a week will have you finished in no time. And, write well.  A poorly written listing will reflect on  your business.  So create a great listing, and take advantage of this  free and low-cost advertising.

  1. Google Local –  If you haven’t done so, open a Google account and verify your Google Local Business Listing. Your business will then show up on map searches. This site helps  push your business to the top of local searches in the Google search.
  2. Merchant Circle – This is an often used, well-optimized business listing site.
  3. Insider Pages – This listing site is part of CityGrid Media which owns sites like,,,, and other popular directory sites.
  4. Yelp - Yelp is one of the largest and best known  business listing sites on the web.   Return to this site regularly to check for negative reviews.
  5. Super Pages – This, like Insider Pages, is a CityGrid Media site.
  6. City Search – This  site is also a CityGrid Media site.
  7. Manta
  8. Yahoo Local –  This gets your listing in front of  those using Yahoo as a primary search engine.
  9. Bing Local – This site gets your information out on MSN.
  10. MainStreetChamber – This, while not well known,  is a growing site.

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