FB 2012: Entrepreneur Magazine Reveals Which Posts Get Most Views

With FB changing to Timeline on March 30, those of us with a business page on FB have the perfect opportunity to sharpen not only our graphic skills, but our business posting skills as well. Love it or hate it, here we go!

When to choose pictures, when to choose words

Facebook Timeline is more graphically oriented, and  according to a recent article in Entrepreneur magazine, photos generate the highest interaction rate of the six types of  posted content. With that in mind, taking the time to create a visually appealing FB Timeline is worth it.  Facebook interactions rates show an interesting pattern depending upon the content of posts.

Posting techniques: Which create the most interaction?

The post content generating the most FB interactions are as follows (listed in descending order.)

1. Photos
2. Status Updates
3. Video
4. Music
5. Links

Photos quickly grab our emotions and are easy to digest. (Oh those lucky artists and photographers!)  Links, although they are posted most often, are at the bottom of the list.

The two secret words that work

Another important technique to prompt interaction is simply by asking for comments and a “like” on the post.  Requesting a call to action boosts  interaction by up to 216 percent. So, a simple rule–ask and you shall receive. Request a comment: request a like on your posts.

How To’s of New FB Timeline Graphics

Your cover creates the biggest impact on your page. Templates and examples of new Timelines are available including instructions for creating  a visually powerful cover.

Think of the image you want to convey.  The cover can also work  with your profile picture. Here are two links that will take you through the process step-by-step and provide some ideas for creating your own new graphically enticing page.

Designing your FB Timeline

Using Wordle to Create a Simple Timeline Cover

Please leave a comment with your best FB strategies:  and “like” this post if it has been helpful!

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